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We are proud to be a family business and we are also proud of the extended family of different products that we can offer our customers!

We work with a growing roster of retailers and food service companies to manufacture "own-brand" products that meet the most demanding standards. Because we are craft bakers we have the knowledge you need, whether it is for the creation of premium luxury item patisserie or desserts; simple, honest part-baked goods that are keenly priced; or anything in between.

Feel Free is a range of products made from naturally gluten free ingredients.

Devonshire Desserts is a range of scrumptious puddings inspired by timeless classics and made using key British ingredients: dairy cream, free range eggs and cream cheese.

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE ® - for many years a best seller on restaurant menus, the age of decadence and indulgence is on its way back!

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE is a registered trade mark of F.T. Wood & Sons Limited

We produce Fleur de Lys - thaw and serve frozen patisserie for bakers and food service outlets. Great products at great prices.

Kaysens - another of our brands, a range of retail frozen desserts that is at home in supermarket freezer cabinets throughout Britain.

Zermansky's Bagels - a traditional range of bagels made with all natural ingredients. They have no added fat and are low in cholesterol.

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