Cakes & Cookies

We make a wide range of popular bitesize cakes, from traditional all butter flapjacks, light and smooth carrot cake to bakewell slices, coconut squares and more.

Our cakes can be made in any size, from 3cm x 3cm bitesize pieces, ideal for retailing in tubs,
to larger sized single serve portions, ideal for counter displays.


Bakewell Tarts

Beautifully short pastry with a deep filling of almond flavoured sponge and seedless raspberry jam. Our bakewell is then topped with a white fondant icing and a pretty hand-crafted cherry decoration. Available as a mini tart at 25g (see below).

Yorkshire Curd Tarts

Where else would you go to get a classic Yorkshire curd tart but to the best Yorkshire bakery? Plump raisins, delicately spiced curd filling; these are the benchmark!

Mini Tarts

Our mini tarts are made with a particularly delicious all-butter variety of shortcrust pastry, which makes them very moreish.

Mince Pie Mini Selection Pack

These are topped with mincemeat and a brandy butter-cream star.


Pre-portioned Cookie Dough Pucks

Bring the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies to your outlet. A range of sizes to fit your needs from a mini to a large cookie dough puck. Easy to bake, with a layered packed case. Just place the dough pucks on a baking tray and put directly in the oven for a few minutes. You can’t beat a moist, chewy, freshly-baked cookie.

Star Mince Pies

Pastry lovers will appreciate the thick, buttery case, which holds a generous helping of large chewy raisins, currants and sultanas. The fruity mix is dark, laced with brandy and port, and well spiced.

Easter Egg Doughnuts

The base of this Easter treat is a chocolate-glazed ring doughnut, in which the middle has not been entirely popped out, with three mini chocolate eggs in the middle and chocolate sprinkles.

Rudolph Festive Bread

This chocolate-orange flavoured bread, with chocolate chips, sugar crystals and a glace cherry nose, is ideal for sharing.

Custard Tarts

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Chocolate Panettone

Our Chocolate Panettone is a twist on a Christmas classic – brimming with delicious chocolate chips. It’s baked slowly for a better flavour. Something the whole family will enjoy.

Luxury Stollen

A gorgeous fruity yeast bread filled with marzipan and lightly sprinkled with icing sugar.

Easter Couronne

Make this crown-shapes loaf your breakfast table centrepiece next Easter. A twist on the traditional French enriched sweet bread, it’s packed with juicy sultanas and mixed peel, flavoured with cinnamon, mixed spice and orange zest and topped with a crumble mix of pumpkin and sunflower seeds and oats. Totally moreish.

Seasonal fondants

We produce an attractive range of seasonal lines for Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and more.

Yule Log

Light chocolate sponge with British whipped cream and sweet heritage raspberry sauce filling. Hand-rolled, then finished with Belgian chocolate cream, chocolate curls and bronze-coloured chocolate decorations.